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Zoom web conferencing Personal Meeting ID/Vanity URL


2.0 - Updated on 2021-02-25 by Carlos Salazar (Inactive)

1.0 - Authored on 2017-01-20 by Hannah Ward (Inactive)

Intended for: Users of the Zoom video/web conferencing service

Scenario/Use case:

This article details how to set your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and Personal Vanity URL (PVU) in Zoom.


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A Personal Meeting ID (PMI) or Personal Vanity URL (PVU) is a way for you to have an easy-to-remember unique meeting ID. Think of it as your own virtual office where you can tell people to meet you online.

What would I use it for?

Much like you use your office number to let people know how to get to your physical office, you can provide your PMI or PVU to others in your collaboration so they know how to get to your “virtual office.” If someone goes to your PVU (via web) or accesses your PMI (via the Zoom tool or phone), you will be emailed that someone is waiting in your virtual meeting room. Unlike standard Zoom meetings where the Meeting ID is a random number,your PMI is consistent. Someone using your PMI/PVU to access a meeting will always know that that meeting room is assigned to you.


What is a PMI and a PVU? - video tutorial

Schedule With Personal Meeting ID (PMI) - instructions


About PMI:

Best practices for PMI:

For more information, please see the links below:


About PVU:


How to set your PMI and PVU:

1. Log in into My Profile. (

2. Select Edit under Personal Meeting ID or Personal Vanity URL.

3. Select Save Changes.




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