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Indico: How to post an event, How to handle keeping Zoom passwords private,How to restrict a meeting


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Indico: How to post an event, How to handle keeping Zoom passwords private, How to restrict a meeting

Intended for:

Indico Users who want to use Indico to create events and post information.


Fermilab Personnel: FRA Employees, subcontractors, users/affiliates or DOE employees

Events: Conferences, DOE reviews, meetings, school visits, workshops, tours, art performances, or colloquia that include non-Fermilab personnel. These must go through the Event Approval System.

Internal Meetings: Meetings between Fermilab personnel. These are not considered events and do not have to go through the Event Approval System.

Scenario/Use case:

Create an Indico event, public or protected and communicate Zoom meeting information.


Here are the steps you need to take to create an event in Fermilab Indico.

Events only:

Request approval to host an event at Fermilab (including virtual events):

In response to changes in Fermilab site access and DOE requirements, an Event Approval System in SharePoint has been created in conjunction with a new Policy on Fermilab Events and updated Policy on Access to Fermilab.

All Fermilab-hosted events must be submitted through the Event Approval System.

  1. Ensure the event complies with:

  2. To request approval for an event, either:

Events and Internal Meetings:

Get access rights to create an event in Indico:

  1. To add an approved Event or Internal Meeting to Indico, you may contact the relevant Indico Category Manager, provide your Event approval (if necessary) and ask to have a site template set up for you to work in that is meeting specific.

  2. To work in Indico you will need either:

    • a Fermilab SSO (Services) account.
    • a Fermilab Indico local account. This can be created here.

  3. All categories are protected and managed. You will need to have the group manager establish an Indico page for you. You will then have access to your event page only.

  4. Indico pages in the Conferences, Workshops and Events category will be initiated after approval is granted in the Event Approval System. An Indico site template will be set up for you by the Conference Office. Indico registration, any registration fees and meeting attendees will be managed by the Conference Office and Foreign National Access Program. Organizers will be in charge of populating their Indico sites with meeting agenda, timetable and any other meeting specific information.

Fermilab Zoom policy

  1. You must follow the Fermilab Zoom policy.
  2. You must NOT post the zoom information in the Indico “Venue” field, even for a protected event. Doing this will expose the Zoom information on the Indico calendar.

How to restrict an Indico meeting:

            If you are an event manager you should do the following:

            a) Go to the manage event (pencil marker on the event page).
            b) Select 'Protection' from the side menu option.

            Select the 'Protection mode':

            If the category is already 'Protected', you can select 'Inheriting' or you can explicitly set it to 'Protected'. You will need to add people who are allowed to access the  event. You can specify what the user can do.

            The people in the list will need to login before they can see the event using either their indico account or FNAL SSO.

            Alternatively, you can also create a password, or 'access key' in Indico's terms: in this case, any user who has been given that password could access the event even if s/he does NOT have an indico account.

How to become a Category Manager:

Submit a ServiceDesk ticket specifying the category you want to be a child of and it will be routed to the manager of that category for approval.


1. CIO – overall responsibility for Indico
2. CCD IR Department – Indico administration. 
3. Category Managers –  all roles, permissions and content within their category (including subcategories).
4. Conference Office/Foreign Visits and Assignments Office – ensuring all Events in Indico (as defined above) comply with the Policy on Fermilab Events.