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RSA: How to use RSA hardware token to generate a passcode


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RSA: How to use RSA hardware token to generate a passcode


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RSA token users.


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Using an RSA token

To log in to the system that requires multifactor authentication using your RSA soft or hard token:

*Android Users

If you have an Android device, your passcode may be generated differently. When you open your RSA Token application, if you see "Token #" listed with a blank field and a submit arrow:

  1. Enter your pin number into the application and hit the submission arrow.
  2. Use only the six digit number provided by the application as your "passcode".

If you do not see this when opening the RSA Token application and instead see the six digit number generating then please ignore these instructions and follow the Pin+Token code method provided above.


Troubleshooting RSA token issues

Log in to Self-Service console using your Services password. Click Test and Troubleshoot in the Self-Service console to test your token, reset your PIN or resynchronize your token, if necessary. 


"Next tokencode required" mode 

Under special circumstances, you will be prompted to enter your next tokencode for extra security. This occurs on random occasions even if you have previously authenticated successfully. Entering two valid tokencodes allows you to verify that you are still in possession of the token assigned to you. Wait until the tokencode changes on your token, and then enter the next tokencode without a PIN


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