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FermiMail: Android - Configuring Outlook


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FermiMail: Android - Configuring Outlook


Intended for:

Users who need to configure Outlook for Android to access their Fermilab email.


Scenario/Use case:

This article provides instructions on how to configure Outlook for Android to access your Fermilab email.



  1. Open Play Store.

  2. Search for "Microsoft Outlook".
  3. Click Install.

  4. Once installed, open Outlook.

  5. Click GET STARTED.

  6. Enter your email address, including "services" (i.e., [USER], and click Continue. Outlook will attempt to automatically connect your email address.

  7. Login with your Services account and password, then click Sign On.

  8. You will be prompted to provide an RSA passcode as part of the "Two-Factor Authentication" requirement. Enter your passcode and click "OK". If you are unsure how to generate your passcode, please review "How to use RSA hardware token to generate a passcode" or "How to install and use RSA soft token to generate a passcode".

  9. Once authentication is complete, Outlook has successfully added your email account and Outlook will take you to your Inbox.


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