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How to set up Zoom for the first time


2.0 - Updated on 2021-02-25 by Carlos Salazar (Inactive)

1.0 - Authored on 2016-12-23 by Hannah Ward (Inactive)

How to set up Zoom for the first time


Intended for:

Users who need to use the Zoom video/web conferencing service.


Scenario/Use case:

This article provides instructions on how to set up Zoom for the first time.



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1. If you do not have a Zoom account, request one through the Service Desk Website using the following form: Zoom Account Request Form. Once you have installed Zoom and set up your account, follow the instructions below.

2. Go to


2. In the upper right hand corner of the page, click Sign In.

3. Enter your Zoom account name and password and click Sign In.

Download the desktop app:

1. Sign in to your Zoom account.

2. Click Host a Meeting.

3. You will be prompted to download the Zoom App.

4. Click OK and the App downloads and the Zoom desktop meeting app will open. 



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