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Virtual/Remote Meetings and Additional Charges


Virtual/Remote Meetings and Additional Charges


You are responsible for any connection charges when connecting to a virtual/remote meeting. These charges may include phone minutes, data charges, and if in a public venue, facility charges. For example, if you use a cell phone that does not have an unlimited calling and unlimited data plan, you will incur extra charges.


Travelers must be especially careful and aware that there are several cases in which additional charges may be incurred if they join a virtual/remote meeting while traveling (See table below for some examples). These charges apply whether you use BlueJeans, Vidyo, Webex, Zoom or call/conference with a colleague. Even using a toll-free number to join a meeting may cause charges to be incurred because the charges come from the phone/hotel provider, not the meeting service.



Hotel/Public Lodging

Hotels may charge exorbitant fees for using the hotel phone and/or network (WiFi) connections. Long meetings may result in very high charges. Also, if the hotel sets up a conference room for you, there may be extra charges for the use of the hotel conference facilities.

Personal Phone

Standard phone and data rates for your specific plan will apply wherever you join the meeting, whether at the lab or elsewhere.

Lab-issued Cell Phone/Tablet

Many lab phones have unlimited data. Connecting to Zoom meetings and using the internet for audio will incur no additional charge in these cases. If you do not have an unlimited data plan, then there may be charges for your connection depending on plan usage and rates. If you use the cell phone to call into a Zoom meeting, standard phone rates per your plan will apply.

Internet Service Provider

Keep in mind that when you use any internet service you will be consuming data. You should understand your ISP’s data plan limits and overage charges.

Landline at a Foreign Institution

Standard phone rates will apply for that country per the carrier of that institution. In this case, the cost will be billed according to the rules at that institution.


Individuals who have a Fermilab-issued Zoom account and use Zoom onsite using either Fermilab’s network or Fermilab's landline phones will incur no additional charges for the meeting.