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Outlook - How to access your Exchange Online Archive



Intended for:

Microsoft Exchange users with a full license (G3 license) that use Windows Outlook client or Outlook Web Application (OWA).


Scenario/Use case:

How to access your Exchange Online Archive for Outlook. Access to your Online Archive is ONLY available via Outlook and Outlook on the Web (OWA).


NOTE: Most of the lab does not need to use this feature because they are nowhere near their 100GB local quota. If you do want to use this feature, however, read the Instructions section below.





The Online Archive automatically opens in your Outlook client labeled “Online Archive -” or as “In-Place Archive – Username” in OWA.


Automatic archiving will automatically move old items from your primary mailbox to your archive mailbox based on the retention policy that you set. The current default setting is Never; no emails will automatically move to the archive mailbox until you apply a retention policy.

  1. You cannot create your own retention policies, but you can change the automatic archiving setting in Outlook or OWA to any of these pre-configured retention policies.
    1. One year
    2. Two years
    3. Five years
    4. Never
      • For Outlook client users:
        1. Right-click your primary mailbox.
        2. Select Data File Properties.

        3. Select the Policy tab.

        4. Select the bottom Use Parent Folder Policy dropdown menu.
        5. Select a retention policy.
        6. Click OK.

      • For OWA users:
        1. Right-click your primary mailbox.
        2. Select Assign policy.
        3. Select a retention policy.
          1. If you prefer to use a PST file and not the Online Archive, you can set the policy to Never.

You can also manually move mailbox items into your Online Archive by using the built-in Copy or Move features or by dragging and dropping the item into the desired location.

  1.  Example to move a folder:

You can also copy any existing PST files into your Online Archive.

  1. Open the PST in Outlook.
    1. Select File.
    2. Select Open & Export.
    3. Select Open Outlook Data File.
    4. Select a PST file. The file will appear in the Folder pane.
  2. Move folders or emails into the Online Archive.
    • Example to move a folder from a PST file:
      1. Right-click a folder.
      2. Select Move Folder.

      3. Select “Online Archive –” if you’re using the Outlook client.
      4. Select “In-Place Archive – Username” if you’re using OWA.
      5. Select a sub folder to move it into.
        • Example:

You can also recover deleted items from the Deleted Items folder in your archive mailbox by using the Recover Deleted Items tool.