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3.0 - Updated on 2022-04-25 by Fang Wang

2.0 - Updated on 2022-04-25 by Fang Wang

1.0 - Authored on 2022-04-22 by Fang Wang

How to view your tickets in Service Desk portal view 

Intended for:

Service Desk users

Scenario/Use case:

This article details how to view your open and closed tickets, as well as tickets for which you are on the Watch List, in Service Desk portal view.


1. Go to and log in with your Services Account username and password.

2. On the landing page, click the My Tickets button.

3. Your open tickets will be displayed. This includes tickets that you have opened, tickets that have been opened on your behalf, or tickets for which you are on a watch list.

4. To view a ticket, click on the title of the ticket to select it and click the VIEW DETAILS button.


5. To search for a ticket, type a search term in the Search String field on the right. (NOTE: You cannot search by ticket number in the system.) For example, if you want to search for an access request ticket, type “access request” and press Enter.

6. To see your closed and cancelled tickets, check the Active? box on the right. Your closed and cancelled tickets updated within the last 30 days will be displayed.

7. To see all your closed and cancelled tickets, click the link Click here to see all inactive records.