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How to change your FERMI domain (Windows login) password


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How to change your FERMI domain (Windows login) password


Intended for:

Users who need to change their FERMI domain (Windows login) password. 


Scenario/Use Case:

This article provides instructions on how to change your FERMI domain (Windows login) password.



Kerberos password requirements:


By using the Password Manager Tool

You can change your FERMI domain (Windows login) password by using the Password Manager Tool. Instructions can be found on this page.


From a Windows computer in the Fermi domain

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click "Change a password..." You must first enter your old password and then enter the new password twice.  


From a Windows computer not in the Fermi domain

Your computer must have a .FNAL.GOV IP address for the following to work. You can get a .FNAL.GOV IP address via DHCP while on the Fermilab site or by establishing a VPN connection to Fermilab. VPN information can be found at KB0010655

Note:  Per Fermi default domain policy, a user may only change their password once in a 48-hour period. 


From a non-Windows machine 

You can also change your Kerberos password for the Windows domain from a Linux, Mac or Unix computer by opening a terminal window and running the following command at the command prompt:

        % kpasswd username@FERMI.WIN.FNAL.GOV


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