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Getting Connected to the Fermilab Network


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Getting Connected to the Fermilab Network


Intended for:

Users who need to connect to the Fermilab network, including visitors who require temporary access to the guest wireless network.


Scenario/Use case:

This article provides instructions on how to:



Register your system with the Fermilab Network

Mandatory registration of network devices and computers is required in order for you to gain access to the Fermilab network. For temporary registrations, please see "Temporary Network Usage for Visitors," below. For permanent registrations, please fill out the Node Registration Form.

Wireless Network

The wireless network is available in most areas of the lab. No specific configuration is needed for your wireless card. Select wireless network fgz, and connect to it.

Remote Access - Fermilab VPN

You can connect securely to the Fermilab network from off site using the Fermilab Virtual Private Networking (VPN) system. When a VPN session is established, your computer has access to network resources as if it were onsite. The VPN system requires the use of an RSA token or YubiKey to access it using multifactor authentication.

Instructions for accessing the VPN system can be found in this article. Be sure to note the "Before you begin" section, which requires certificates to be installed on all devices. (Those with Fermilab centrally managed devices most likely already have the certificates loaded and configured. However, if you use a phone or other mobile device that is not Fermilab centrally managed, you must install the certificates on those devices as well).

If you need further assistance, please contact the Service Desk.

Temporary Network Usage for Visitors

Please view the Guest Wireless Network Frequently Asked Questions webpage.


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