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Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) - Best Practices


2.0 - Updated on 2021-02-23 by Carlos Salazar (Inactive)

1.0 - Authored on 2017-08-07 by Fang Wang

Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) - Best Practices


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Users of the Zoom video/web conferencing service.


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This article describes best practices for using Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI).



Consider using your Zoom personal meeting ID (PMI) for impromptu meetings, and use the Zoom Schedule feature (either from the Zoom application or a web browser after you’ve logged in) for all other meetings.

When scheduling a recurring Zoom meeting, the meeting ID will be random, but will remain persistent for the duration of the recurrences.

What's a PMID?

PMID stands for Personal Meeting ID. This meeting ID is unique to you only -- similar to your ReadyTalk meeting ID. By default, Zoom generates a random meeting ID for each meeting you schedule or create -- unless you specify to always use your PMID. Why? By having random meeting IDs, you can separate out your meetings so that people intended to attend one meeting don't accidentally join the wrong meeting.

For example, suppose you host three different recurring meetings - management, Project X, and Project Y meetings. If you always used your PMID for all these meetings, it is possible that someone from your Project Y meeting could accidentally attend your management meeting (since the meeting ID is always the same). By randomly generating meeting IDs per meeting (or scheduled/recurring meeting), this issue is avoided. Each type of meeting will have a unique meeting ID to use.

You can override this behavior by clicking on "Use Personal Meeting ID" whenever you start or schedule a meeting.

How to Start a Zoom Meeting:


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