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RSA: How to create a PIN for your RSA token


RSA: How to create a PIN for your RSA token


Intended for:

RSA hard or soft token users.


Scenario/Use case:

This article provides instructions on how to set up a PIN for your hard or soft RSA token.




1. Go to the RSA self-service website at and enter your Services account username.

RSA Self-Service Console

2. From the pulldown list, select Password and click Log On.

 RSA Secure Logon screen

3. Enter your Services account password and click Log on.

 Enter Services account password

4. On the "My Authenticators" screen next to "PIN", click Create PIN.

Create PIN

5. Enter your PIN twice, and click Save.

Enter PIN twice

6. To test your token, click Test.

Click test link

7. For a hardware token or an iPhone, enter your username and passcode (PIN + 6-digit tokencode), then click Test.

Test for hardware token or iOS users

8.  For Android phones:

     a. Next to “User ID,” enter your Services account username.
     b. Next to “Passcode,” enter your PIN + 6-digit tokencode (Note: Depending on your Android phone model, you may be required to enter your PIN in your RSA token application on your phone. If that’s the case, type the 6-digit RSA tokencode in the Passcode field.)


9. Verify that your test is successful. Click OK and sign out.

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he Android app has you enter your pin before receiving your token code