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Windows "Self Service" User Guide


5.0 - Updated on 2024-02-12 by Evely Ortiz

4.0 - Updated on 2021-12-03 by Marcia Teckenbrock

3.0 - Updated on 2021-08-10 by Carlos Salazar (Inactive)

2.0 - Updated on 2021-02-18 by Carlos Salazar (Inactive)

1.0 - Authored on 2016-03-30 by Geoffrey Cluts

Windows "Self Service" User Guide


Intended for:

Windows users.


Scenario/Use case:

Install software using Self Service.

Install software updates using Self Service.

NOTE: All Windows "Self Service" software will be available for installation through the Software Center, an application already installed on your Windows computer. 



Install software using Self Service

1. Click Start icon on your Windows computer:

Start icon

2. Search for "Software Center:"

Search for term "software center"

3. Click Open:

Click Open to open Software Center

This will open the Software Center and show you what software is available to install:

Software Center applications

2. To install software, select the Applications tab on the left, then click on the icon for the software you want to install.

3. Click Install.


4. The Software Center will switch to the Installation Status tab and show you the progress of the installation in the status column.

NOTE: If you want to uninstall software after it has been installed, you can do so by highlighting it and clicking the Uninstall button. If the Uninstall button is greyed out, that means you cannot uninstall that software.



5. To see all of the software that has been installed, click Installed Software. Again, if you want to uninstall a particular software, highlight it and click Uninstall.



Install software updates using Self Service

NOTE: When installing software updates using Windows Self Service, you must be connected to the Fermilab network, either onsite or via VPN. 

  1. In the Software Center, click the Updates tab to see updates that are ready for installation.
  2. Click an update.
  3. Click Install.

If there are no updates ready for installation, then your applications are up-to-date.