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RSA: How to resynchronize your RSA token


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RSA: How to resynchronize your RSA token

Intended for:

RSA token users.

Scenario/Use case:

This article provides instructions on how to resynchronize your RSA token.

A token must be resynchronized when the tokencode displayed on the token does not match the tokencode generated by Authentication Manager. When the tokencodes do not match, authentication attempts fail.


1. Navigate to the RSA Self-Service console at

In the User ID field, type your SERVICES account username and click OK.


2. In the Authentication Method box, select Password. Then, click Log On.


3. In the Password field, type your Services account password, and click Log On.


4. On the My Account screen, click troubleshoot.


5. On the "Troubleshoot Your Token" screen, select Other or Not sure, and click OK.

6. On the "Confirmation Required" screen, click Yes.


7. Enter the tokencode displayed on your RSA token (this does not include your PIN). Then wait for the tokencode to change and enter the new tokencode. Click OK.



 8. The token resynchronization confirmation screen should display. Enter your username and passcode (the passcode should include your PIN), and click Test.


The successful test confirmation should display.


 9. Click Log Off and close your browser window.


NOTE: If necessary, perform the resynchronization steps again. If you encounter any problems resynchronizing your RSA token, please submit a Service Desk ticket.

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