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How to reset your FERMI domain (Windows login) password


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Intended for: Users who need to reset their FERMI domain (Windows login) password. 

Scenario/Use case:

This article provides instructions on how to use the Password Manager Tool to reset your FERMI domain (Windows login) password.


NOTE: You can only reset your password after you enroll your FERMI domain (Windows login) account using the Password Manager Tool. See the procedures on how to enroll your accounts here.

1. Access the Password Manager Tool at and click the "Reset Password" link.

2.  Enter your user name and select "FERMI" from the drop-down list. Then click the "Continue" button.


NOTE: If you have not enrolled this account, you will get this message:

3. Answer your security questions and click the "Continue" button.

NOTE: In the top right corner, there is a clock. This tells you how much time is left before the page expires and you will have to start over again.


You will get this message if you have waited too long.

4. You should be able to reset your FERMI Windows domain password now.


NOTE: If you cannot reset your password using this tool, please call the Service Desk at (630) 840-2345 or email for assistance.

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