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FermiMail: macOS - Configuring Outlook


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FermiMail: macOS - Configuring Outlook


Intended for:

Users who need to configure Outlook for macOS to access their Fermilab email.


Scenario/Use case:

This article provides instructions on how to configure Outlook for macOS to access your Fermilab email.



These instructions have multiple sections and you will be guided to the appropriate one's as you go through the instructions. In case you know what you are looking for, here are the sections.




  1. Launch Outlook. You should be presented with the "Set Up Your Email" wizard. If not, please proceed to the Manual Setup section.

  2. Review to ensure the username (circled in purple below) is correct. It must be in the following format [username] If it is correct, click on the "Add [username]" button. Proceed to the "Authentication and Notices" section.

    If setup wizard has INCORRECTLY identified your account, then click on "Add Others".

  3. Proceed to the "Select Provider" section.





Manual Setup

When you launch Outlook and you are NOT presented with the setup wizard, the following steps will walk you through manually adding your email account.

  1. Launch Outlook
  2. Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Accounts"

  3. In the Account window, select "Add Email Account" and then proceed to the "Select Provider" section.




Select Provider

  1. Enter your email address using the following format [username], and click "Continue".

  2. You may be asked to select the "provider". Select "Office 365". Outlook will connect to Office 365 severs and verify you have a valid account.

  3. Proceed to the "Authentication and Notices" section.




Authentication and Notices

  1. Type your name in the "Name" field, type in your email address and include "services" in the address (i.e., [USER], and then click "Sign in".

  2. For this step, there are two paths that may be presented to you:
    • Yubikey - If you have a Yubikey and it is plugged into your computer, you will be presented with a prompt to select your Yubikey certificate. Select the "FERMI Sub CA" certificate and click "OK". You then be presented with the Smart Card window where you enter your Yubikey PIN and click "OK". NOTE: If you do not want to use your Yubikey, click "Cancel" and you will be guided through the RSA process below.

    • RSA - If you do not want to use your Yubikey or do not have a Yubikey, you will be prompted to provide an RSA passcode as part of the "Two-Factor Authentication" requirement. Enter your passcode and click "OK". If you are unsure how to generate your passcode, please review "How to use RSA hardware token to generate a passcode" or "How to install and use RSA soft token to generate a passcode".

  3. When the authentication is completed, Outlook has successfully added your email account. Click "Done".

  4. You may be presented with a "Microsoft respects your" screen. If you do, click "OK".

  5. You may be presented with a "Getting better together" screen. If you do, select "No, don’t send optional data" and then click "Accept".

  6. You may be presented with a "Powering your experiences" screen. If you do, click "OK".



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