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How to request a FNALU account


2.0 - Updated on 2021-02-23 by Carlos Salazar (Inactive)

1.0 - Authored on 2017-06-15 by Jacob Spangler (Inactive)

How to request a FNALU account


Intended for:

Users who need to request a FNALU account.


Scenario/Use case:

This article provides instructions on how to request for a FNALU account. FNALU is Fermilab's central UNIX system.



Note: To request/renew a FNALU account, you need approval from your supervisor or an experiment spokesperson. This account is often needed to have a login directory, such as when you need to launch jobs. You don't need this account to access webpages or other documentation. Many experiments have it set up so that this account is requested as part of a user joining an experiment, but the following information is for those who need to request it explicitly.

To request a FNALU account:


 If you need to request an interactive account on your experiment's servers:



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