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Intended for: Users who need to renew their Fermilab accounts

Scenario/Use case:

This article provides instructions on how to renew your Fermilab accounts.

There are three types of personnel who access Fermilab computers: employees, contract workers and visitors (which includes users.) Users who are not employed by Fermilab may have on-site or off-site access, and are considered visitors. Please read the section(s) below that apply to you.




On-site Employees

Periodically re-read the Fermilab Policy on Computing. Your computer accounts are active as long as you remain an employee, but you do need to visit the Key & ID office on the ground floor of Wilson Hall to get a new photo ID before it expires. You will be sent a reminder in email before this happens.



  1. Re-read the Fermilab Policy on Computing.
  2. Your hiring manager should receive notification of the need to complete online forms in FermiWorks to renew your contract, and you will receive notification once it is approved. This should be done BEFORE your ID expires or you will lose your computer access.    



  1. Read the Fermilab Policy on Computing.
  2. Renew your Fermilab Visitor ID via this form  (Note: The title of the form is “Renew Fermilab Visitor ID.” It means an ID number, not a physical badge.)
  3. If you are going to be on-site be sure to indicate that in the above form, and update information in FermiWorks. For more information, see:
  4. Specific details about your account request will be sent to you via emails from the Service Desk.



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