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Services Account Frequently Asked Questions


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Services account users.


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This article provides answers to common questions regarding Services account.



What is a "Services Account?"

A "Services Account" enables you to access a number of important applications at Fermilab with a single username/password. Applications now available via the "Services Account" are: Email, Instant Messaging, FermiDash, SharePoint, Fermilab Time and Labor Reporting (FTL), Redmine, Service Desk, and VPN.

How do I get a Services Account?

Everyone who is a Fermilab user gets a Services account automatically. Your username is the same as your Fermilab email username. There is nothing special you have to do to get the account. However, you do need to get your initial password.

If you don’t have a Services account and you are a new Fermilab user (persons affiliated with a FNAL experiment, not employed by FNAL) you will need to request a Visitor ID and computer accounts using this form.

How do I get my Services Account password?

1. To get your initial Services Account password, a user must first contact the Service Desk to get issued a first-time default password.

2. Use your first-time default password to enroll your Services Account using the Password Reset Tool at This will allow you the convenience of changing your password now and at any point in the future 24x7 without having to contact a Service Desk representative. NOTE: You must wait 2 days before you actually change your password using the password reset tool, but we recommend you enroll right away.

3. When needed (at least 2 days after your first password was issued), change your password in the Password Reset Tool at

If you encounter issues changing your password, please contact the Service Desk at (630) 840-2345.

Note: Your Services Account password should be different from your Fermi Windows domain or Kerberos passwords. Please select a different password for your Services Account from either of these.

How do I change an existing Services Account password (after the first time?)

Change your password by going to

Note: You must first enroll your Services Account in the Password Reset Tool. We recommend you do that now.

Why do I need a Services Account when I already have a Kerberos Account | Windows Account | Kerberos Certificate?

The majority of web applications used at the laboratory have moved to using either LDAP or Federation for authentication rather than the certificates. (Those that still accept certificates require certificates from the CILogon certificate authority.) The LDAP and Federation services use the SERVICES account for authentication, allowing you to maintain a single username and password for these applications.

When do I need to use my Services Account?

You can use your Services Account any time you access the following applications:

More applications will be added in time.


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